Refugee Camps in Uganda

Your Platform’s co-founder Sedrick recently completed a speaking tour across three of the refugee camps in Uganda. Uganda is home to over 547,000* refugees (majority are from South Sudan and DR Congo). Over 75,000 of them are urban refugees living in Kampala, the capital city. The other 86% live across 8 other settlement areas.

*Those statistics are from a June 2016 UNHCR report. Due to increased insecurity in South Sudan, 48,000 S. Sudanese arrived to Uganda in February 2017 alone. The numbers continue to climb.

Sed in RwamjaSedrick visited 3 camps:¬†Rwamwanga, Kyaka II, and¬†Nakivale. He spoke to nearly one thousand refugees spreading hope and growing a vision of self-sufficiency. His mission: to spread hope, share his experience as a former refugee, and incite change among refugees who feel trapped in life. He spoke at 5 events hosted by local organizations with the message of “Change is With You.” Sedrick encouraged refugees to not sit and wait for help or aid, but to stand up and make change for themselves.